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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

—Mark Twain

PC Academics & Writing provides consistent professionalism and expertise for scholars and writers.

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Short or long-term tutoring to develop confidence with reading comprehension, writing, speaking, and thinking.

History and English subject matter focus, including IB, AP, and other program-specific support.

ESL Development

Short or long-term ESL lessons to build confidence in speaking, listening, reading comprehension, writing, and thinking in the English language.

Classes focus on discussions, vocabulary usage, and exploring cultural or communication differences between American English and the student’s native language and culture.

College Essay Prep

Preparation for college or private school admissions application essays, as well as internship application essays. 

Test Prep

Preparation for ‘on-the-spot’ private, state, or national Essay Writing, Reading, or History tests.

We’ll focus on testing strategies, as well as how to think about relationships between questions, answers, and ideas.

Writing Coaching

Explore inner worlds of creativity, share insights from your unique experiences, and get to know the storyteller within.

Whether you’re a young writer wanting to explore dreams of authorship, or an adult with a particular perspective about a topic of interest, there are worlds within you waiting to be seen.

Free 15-Minute Consultation Session via Zoom

A complimentary 15-Minute Consultation Session via Zoom to discuss your learning goals and explore lesson options. Learn more about 15-Minute Consultation Sessions.


I’m so glad we found Philip! My son has really improved with his planning, thinking, organizing, and writing since Philip started tutoring him. I would highly recommend this teacher to anyone who is looking for a tutor.

— PC Academics & Writing Test Prep & College Essay Prep client

“Mr. Canterbury is a student-centered instructor who sets high expectations. His students were always actively engaged in his classes. Mr. Canterbury proved very adept in the use of many online and digital learning tools, and he mentored other teachers on how to best fit them into academics.”

— Former classroom administrator

“Philip Canterbury is a driven, organized teacher who develops inspiring relationships with his students. Philip has the ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly great.”

— Former classroom administrator

“Philip has taught me strategies for active learning and we’re modeling reading and thinking together. Plus, I have strategies now so that, whenever I get stuck, I feel more confident with how to go forward through obstacles. Philip’s modeling in the use of resources to make thinking and learning easier has really made a difference for me! Other teachers haven’t given me these kinds of tools, so I’ve been able to develop my own abilities and confidence with Philip’s guidance and approach to teaching.”

— PC Academics & Writing Tutoring client

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